About us

Erika and Diogo are a German and Portuguese design duo working together on interesting international projects.
They love to work with creative companies and people who believe that design matters and appreciate quality work.

Erika Göbel

Erika was born in Siberia and grew up in Germany. She studied interior architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier and communication design at the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe. As a graphic designer she has worked for different studios and clients, in Germany and abroad. She loves to create streamlined designs with great attention to detail.

Diogo Oliveira

Diogo studied graphic design in Portugal at the Fine Arts faculty of the University of Porto but he’s totally committed to websites now and has become a well-known and respected member of the ProcessWire community. The design background is essential for his will to create bespoke websites and to find solutions for what others might think is impossible. He is also a published illustrator.