AIM Creative Studios

Website for digital creators

AIM Creative Studios are specialized in high quality digital animation and are based in Porto and Lisbon, Portugal.

We were asked to program their website based on the beautiful design created by Royal Studio. The design project was challenging, since it involved a lot of animations based on user interaction, including the transitions between pages. Besides this, there was the need for great flexibility on the presentation of the projects, which brought a great deal of technical and organisation challenges to overcome. There were also many small details with custom design and behaviour, such as audio controls, the sharing buttons and even a full mixing table for audio projects.

This was a narrow and highly satisfying collaboration with the AIM team, and we sure hope to repeat this experience with them in the future.

For the full experience, please visit their website.

Client: AIM Creative Studios Lda.
Location: Porto & Lisbon, Portugal
CMS: ProcessWire

Web Design: Royal Studio