Website for Anja Wiebelt

Showcasing the artist's work

Anja is a German sculptor with strong influence from her former activity as jewellery designer.

For her website, we decided to create a single page with a calm and generous layout, keeping the content to a minimum and with focus on her works.

The works are displayed in a slideshow that occupies all the upper part of the page. The images are shown on the left at the maximum size possible to be seen in its entirety, and the controls and decriptions on the right. Inbetween we kept a generous whitespace that sets the mood for the rest of the page.

As all our recent works, this website is reponsive and adapts to any screen size.

See also the exhibition catalog that we designed for Anja, called “Paris — aller et retour”.

Go to the website.

Client: Anja Wiebelt
Location: Ettlingen, Germany
CMS: ProcessWire