Carla Cabral

Visual identity for an architect

We designed a minimalistic and affirmative identity for the Portuguese architect Carla Cabral who is specialized on rehabilitation.

Carla explained to us her vision of the architect’s job as a service provider as much as a technician and a creator. To reflect her view of the profession, we chose a humanist typeface for her logo and documents, in contrast with the geometric typefaces that architects tend to prefer.

We wrote Carla’s name in lowercase to keep a visual linearity and make the block homogenous. The black bar aligns with the x-height of the characters and naturally completes the block while adding all the characteristics we were still looking for: strength, weight, affirmation.

For the business cards, we asked the printer to produce a thick three-layered paper by sandwiching a black cardboard between two regular white “Munken” papers.

Client: Carla Cabral
Location: Porto, Portugal