Demenz-Initiative Karlsruhe

Website for a dementia support initiative

“Demenz-Initiative Karlsruhe” is a charity project from Logotherapeutische Beratung Karlsruhe that aims to help patients with dementia and their families with a refreshing approach. Their goal is to create awareness and involve the local society through an honest and open communication.

We studied the usual visual strategies used in the theme of dementia and came to the conclusion that they are generally too depressive, symbolic or abstract. Together with Elli and Sabine from the Logotherapeutische Beratung we decided to take a more pragmatic visual approach and created some illustrations trying to show that people with dementia are just normal people like you and me. The visual identity and website revolve around these illustrations and is laid out in a very simple and easy to use structure to be inclusive of the people that suffer from this desease.

See the website.

Client: Logotherapeutische Beratung Karlsruhe
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
CMS: Processwire