Espaço Campanhã

Visual identity for artists platform and gallery

Espaço Campanhã was an artistic platform and gallery that was located in one of the poorest districts of Porto. They assumed themselves as outsiders from the artistic scene, countercurrent and anti-establishment. Their program was strongly oriented towards political and social issues.

Our main goal was to adopt this attitude for their identity design. We decided to use low-fi production methods like photocopy and cheap digital printing, and collage for all the communication elements, and chose for the identity color the consequent use of black and white. We also adopted Times New Roman for the logo and all texts present in their communication, for being not only free and present on every computer, but also for being almost never considered by designers and those that are knowledgeable about typography.

The logo’s main characteristic is the misplaced tilde (~) that aims to represent the fact that the Espaço Campanhã was assumedly “in the wrong place” conceptually and geographically in relation to other artistic institutions.

Client: Espaço Campanhã
Location: Porto, Portugal
Photos: Luís Camanho, ED DESIGN