Follow Us

Visual identity for architectural guiding tours company

“Follow us” offers tailored architectural tours in Porto and North of Portugal or a quick insight with promenade tours into the center of Porto by the local architect Carla Cabral.

Carla asked us to create an identity distinct from what we commonly associate with city tours that usually include lots of colors and effects, kitschy images and big typography. We should aim for simplicity and clarity instead.

For the logo we used the charming Helvetica like typeface “Aileron”, designed by the Japanese type designer Sora Sagano. We kept it purely typographic but with a little wink — a subtle reference to legs walking in the two “L”s. The color scheme consists of only green contrasting with black and white.

For the flyer we used a large paper format folded in four to fit in a handy moleskine format. The layout follows the same scheme as we decided for her website: The information is provided in three languages and organized in two colums, text on the left and images on the right.

Client: Carla Cabral
Location: Porto, Portugal
CMS: ProcessWire