Redesign of visual identity for architects office

Grupo3 was a large and influential architecture studio in Porto, Portugal. We worked from inside the company in close collaboration with the architects and created an entirely new visual identity system. The key words for this new system were: “strong”, “affirmative”, “self-confident” and “contrasting”.

Based on these, we designed a custom lettering for the logo that we later extended to a complete custom typeface to be used in headlines, and defined a set of elements and principles to be applied through the entire system: strong contrast between headlines and information text, long strokes for organizing the information in clear blocks, use of black and white for maximum contrast and unsaturated color only on images that should be displayed always as large as the support would allow.

We are giving the Grupo3 typeface for free under the super permissive SIL Open Font License (OFL). The typeface is hosted on GitHub and collaborations are welcome.

Download the Grupo3 typeface.

We also designed the website for Grupo3.

Client: Grupo3
Location: Porto, Portugal