Redesign for iLötscher

IT support for businesses and their Apple platforms and networks

iLötscher is a Swiss company that provides IT support for companies and clients with all their Apple platforms.

The goal of this logo redesign was to achieve a more unified block through a more consistent and compact type treatment, and a better relation between type and image. We also redrew the logo mark in order to simplify it and to correct a few problems that we spotted with message conveyed by the old one, namely: The flying object was portrayed in a descending movement — we thought an ascending movement would carry a more positive message; the same object was surrounded by the ring which was visually limiting its movements — we drew it outside of the ring to portray a message of freedom and flexibility.

We adjusted the corporate colors, defined the corporate typeface, and applied all these elements on the company’s business cards and stationery.

We also designed and developed the website for iLötscher.

Client: Nadeesh Lötscher
Location: Zurich, Switzerland