Kornberg Design Tischler

Print items for carpenters exhibition

Kornberg Carpenters, an association of 11 carpenter companies in Austria, needed an exhibition concept to appeal to young people in order to promote interest in this traditional profession.

In collaboration with the agency united everything in Vienna that was responsible for the exhibition concept, we decided to focus on the existing corporate colors: yellow, black and white, and create a strong, appealing and coherent design concept.

The posters and billboards are type-only and visually adopt the yellow belts of the exhibition stands in an abstract way, while the magazine-like catalogs in A3 format show large images of the carpenters and their workplaces, accompanied by interviews that provide insight into their profession.

Client: Kornberg Design Tischler
Collaboration: united everything
Location: Kornberg, Austria
Format: catalogs A3, posters A1/A3, billboards 504 x 238 cm

Exhibition Photos: Alexander Rauch