Muesli Café

Visual identity for crowd funding project

This is a self-initiated project for a muesli café in Porto. Until January 5th, 2015 we are raising the necessary money to make this café a reality with a crowdfunding campaign on the PPL crowdfunding platform.

The identity for the café is based on these characteristics of our product: self-made, fresh, tasty, varied. For the logo and main written elements we chose a hand-drawn typeface “Hannah”, and alternated randomly all its widths, from narrow to wide, as well as the baseline position of each character. The photos of the mueslis were taken with colorful patterns as backgrounds and displayed in colorful grids forming a gradient on each graphic support.

We created a clear contrast between text elements and image elements: Text is always in black, leaving lots of empty space around; images are colorful and fill all the space available.

We also made a video for the crowdfunding

See the website we built for this project.

Client: self-initiated
Location: Porto
CMS: ProcessWire