Nicole Engert

Website for psychotherapist

Nicole is a psychotherapist based in Karlsruhe, Germany. She asked us to create a website that is different from other psychotherapists — often with an esoteric feeling.

We worked on the website concept to match the visual identity that we developed fpr her. In order to achieve a personal touch, we arranged a photo shoot with her at the idyllic location of her office. We composed the image to set the focus on the chair as an inviting gesture, showing Nicole unfocused in the background with the purpose of imprinting the idea that the emphasis in this relation in on the patient and not the therapist. This metaphor totally matches Nicole’s attitude and professional principles.

As an added detail, we changed the browser behavior to reveal the background image by allowing the page scrolling to go further after the content.

See the website.

See also the visual identity from Nicole.

Client: Nicole Engert
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
CMS: ProcessWire