Ordenar a Cidade

Web repository of essays

A team of urbanists from the University of Aveiro, led by professor Jorge Carvalho, hired us to design and develop a website with the purpose of organizing and displaying a great amount of information that was spread around many places before. They challenged us to come up with a design that would show the “archiving” nature while looking modern and unique. It was also very important that the content would be easily updatable by a reasonable amount of people.

We proposed and designed only two pages, one for the archive itself and one for introducing the team, to prevent the user from getting distracted from the main goal of the website, the archive. We designed the archive page to be and look like a data table, based on the idea of Matrix that was passed on to us by the professor himself, with a complex but easy to use filtering system on top. The introduction page would present the project, show the members of the team and display other relevant information. In the end, together with the team, we decided to create a third page with the title of the project and the last news to be the homepage.

Each page has its own strong character: the archive is dominated by the long white table, the introduction page by the strong green and the circle images and the homepage by the big bold title and the map as background image. It’s the grey header on the top that connects visually the three pages.

Have a look at the website.

Client: Universidade de Aveiro
Location: Aveiro, Portugal
CMS: ProcessWire