Program book for theater festival

“Theatertage” was a theater festival hosted in Karlsruhe, during which 27 theater companies from southern Germany performed 43 plays in 10 days. The theater management chose the title “Ungerech” (unfair/unjust) referring to the fact that theater plays are able to push discussions about deplorable states in politics and society.

We designed the program book as part of a broader communication strategy that was created in collaboration with a group of designers from the University of Art and Design in Karlsruhe. Referring to the slogan, the design concept was chosen to be rough, brutal, using dominant strong black bars making it intentionally difficult for the recipient.

The program book follows the predefined concept, starting with the confusing cover design. Mainly in black/white, the neon yellow pages mark all events for children. In the back cover there is a foldable A3 map and event calendar.

Client: State Theater Karlsruhe
Collaboration: University of Art and Design
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Format: 135 x 180 mm