Our services include but are not limited to: design (graphic, identity, web) and web development. For us it’s important to work without creative or technical constraints so each project that we create can have its own personality. That’s why we design without resorting to templates, and build our websites using the most flexible content management system.

Graphic Design — Design and assistance with production of print items

Identity — Identity strategy and identity design

Websites — Web design, web development and technical assistance


The following is a general idea of our methods and process. In most cases it will be possible to follow these steps exactly, but in others we might have to adapt it to your specific needs.


What brings you to us? You might have a very concrete vision of what you want or just a blurred idea of a project. In either case, we will listen carefully to you and guide you when/if needed. It is crucial that before advancing to the next step, we have a clear definition and agreement of the goals, budget and timeline for our future collaboration.


Research is an often underrated part of the design process. We take research seriously, as it will allow us to understand and envelop ourselves in the context of the project.


This is the most complex part of the process. Here we will have to go from an abstract idea to a fully visual concept. There are always several paths to follow for each idea and we could easily get lost along the way. Instead, we will focus on only two concepts, and shape them nicely to show them to you. Then, together, you and us, will decide on the concept that will serve you best.


At this point things get really exciting. We will work on the chosen concept and bring it to life. This is the part when we have to get everything right. By the end of this step, the project should be nearly finished.

Final design

In this phase we refine details and get the project ready for development or production.


For web projects this is the part where we turn the agreed upon design and site structure into code, prepare the server and assist with any technical issues.
For print projects we usually assist with choosing the material and the printer, and take care of the communication with them.

Great! When can we start?